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Stable Shield Solutions was birthed and started operations in 2016 with focus on Africa, to enable growth and development in every industry through digital transformation; providing the suitable technology solutions suitable for each industry and use cases across all works of life. We are constantly reaching out across industries, identifying needs and providing both generic and bespoke technology solutions in response to each need.
Over the years, We have grown organically, handling projects across different industries with diverse peculiarities with respect to each use case. Example is our SCHOOLSILO, is a technology product which helps both the basic and secondary schools to streamline processes and operate seamlessly at a reduced cost. It is now serving more than 1,800 schools both in the private and public sectors in Africa.

We do not sell imported softwares or replicate solutions. We identify a specific need in an industry and engage our team across the organization's ecosystem and develop suitable sustainable solution both for generic and bespoke purposes to suit the peculiarity of each use case and to constantly provide updates on our solution as future needs arise.


Paradigm & Pattern

Our Purpose and Promise

With the proliferation of substandard but very expensive technologies, software and systems across Africa with no significant sustainable impact on the value chain and revenue of organizations,
Yet many of these solutions are imported but very difficult to scale, update and even apply to the constantly changing dynamics of peculiar business operations across industries and Governments in Africa.
On the other hand, so much fund has been lost by Governments and private organizations to companies that propose management consulting solutions with no consistently reliable architecture and technology solution suitable to drive these propositions to reality.
Stable Shield Solutions was borne out of the passion to put an end to these problems and help organizations re-imagine their value chain and transition from reactive operations to predictive operations through digital transformation. This will ultimately enhance workflows, increase revenue and decrease operational expenses.

Our Philosophy

  • We beleive that excellent operational policy and good management structure with suitable technology integration will always be the substratum that undergirds the success of every organization across the globe.
  • We believe that the key to business success and providing a successful solution is effective communication and mutual understanding of the client needs, using excellent appropriate methodology and technology.
  • Technology and the need for its integration across all works of life is rapidly evolving and shows no signs of slowing down, and the need for rapid business transformation has never been greater.
  • We meet clients wherever they are on their path to change in every industry across Africa and partner with them to create lasting value.


Services & Solutions

Our focus is to enable sustainable growth and development by bridging the digital divide in Africa. We deliver outcomes by leveraging on established and emerging methodologies and technology platforms to enable our clients operate profitably, adapt continuously, and maximize the life of their assets.

Platform as a Service & Software as a Service

  • IoT and Embedded Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • On-Premise Software Solutions
  • Private & Public Cloud Solutions

Infrastructure as a Service

  • Hardware Deployment Solutions
  • Network Infrastructure Solutions
  • Security Solutions


  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Business Strategy and Advisory
  • Enterprise and Solution Architecture
  • Technology Advisory
  • Training and Learning solutions
  • Dedicated Support Solutions
  • Program and Project Management
  • Outsourcing
Our Mission

To build Best-in-Class Technology Solution, suitable for each industry in all works of life. And to provide the necessary trainings and support services adequate to help users succeed.

Our Vision

To make the world run better and improve people's life through the use of information technology.

Our Core Value

Customer Focus, Integrity and Excellence; These three values serve as our guiding principles.

Our Plan

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